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Wine Country Lodges Housekeeping Excellence

Our mission is to provide the very best local lodging experience to our guests and Wine Country visitors. We went in to business with the sole purpose of sharing our beautiful part of the world with guests from near and far. We wanted to share the beauty of Healdsburg’s Russian Riverfront and its heritage with our guests, family and friends by offering classic, impeccably clean riverfront accommodations that allow our visitors to be close to everything, yet worlds away and pampered by the finest linens, amenities and attention to detail. Our experienced housekeeping and guest services staff have been with us for many years and know exactly how to prepare the very best for our guests. We would love to welcome you to come experience the splendor of Historic Healdsburg in the heart of California Wine Country.

Hospitality Business Standards

Our personal and professional commitment to fairness, honesty and service is our primary business commitment to our property owners. We try to be as accurate as possible in communicating the information and policies pertaining to our cleaning routines and inspections of each of our homes, in order for there to be high guest satisfaction throughout the rental process. We pride ourselves on our commitment to high quality standards, use of quality and environmentally safe cleaning products, continual process improvement and to implementing the very best housekeeping value in the industry.

We Follow the 10 Commandments of Cleaning

Clean From Top to Bottom
Clean From Back to Front
Carry All Cleaning Supplies As You Go
Dust First, Vaccucm Last
Make Each Move Count
Wipe Everything Dry
Use Portable House Cleaning Tools
Clean Each House as a Team
Use Only Bio ⁄ Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
Know Your Cleaning Products and Surfaces

Wine Country Lodges property management services.

Health & Cleaning Standards

All our managed properties receive the highest level of care and are well maintained with great personal attention to detail. For your peace of mind, we go to great lengths to provide a clean and healthy environment for all our guests taking great care to perform thorough cleaning routines that go much deeper than traditional housekeeping services. We have high cleanliness standards and use environment and people friendly products including high quality Allergy Guard dust mite proof casings on all of our mattresses, box springs, comforters and pillows barriers. We also use non-toxic cleaning products and employ a patented Swedish cleaning system that uses no toxic substances. Your health and well-being are our constant and continual priority. We go to great lengths in regards to Sauna and Spa cleanliness, changing water and cleaning between each guest turnover. For those with particular sensitivity: Our beds have down-alternative comforters and we invest in only the highest quality linens for your comfort. Our commitment to a hypoallergenic environment for our guests is of the utmost priority in all of our housekeeping routines.

WCL Housekeeping Teamwork

Our WCL LLC Housekeeping Services are top notch and we use cleaning logs and inventory reporting in all our turnovers. Our vacation rental housekeeping processes are triple checked and inspected prior to every guest arrival assuring that guests find each our properties in guest ready condition. Our staff clean using the team system so that each home receives a deep and thorough cleaning between guests. We employ housekeeping teams in 2-3 depending on the classification of the turnover at no additional cost.

WCL Housekeeping Services Overview

Whether you are an owner who has been doing it all yourself, or hiring other services that you don’t quite feel are giving you the attention to the hospitality detail needed…. We are here to help. Our Housekeeping Management team can sit down with you and build a plan to provide top notch housekeeping services for your property giving you peace of mind the job is being done right and your property is ready to receive guests. Please give us a call to discuss the many ways we can assist and help you to achieve the housekeeping level of quality and service you desire.


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